Welcome to the exclusive Affiliate PREMIER Portal which gives you access to direct funding submissions, addtional promotional and marketing material and the ability to maximize your earning potential as an affiliate partner.

Pre-Qualification Documents

Advanced Funding Program Cheat Sheet             Download

Pre-Qualification Worksheet                                  Download


Direct Funding Financing Applications

Note: As a PREMIER Affiliate, you can submit direct funding deals for clients who have not yet purchased the Finance Suite. Simply have your client fill out the Funding Application and gather the necessary Deal Submission Requirements listed on the 2nd page of the application. , and watch this video link to submit your customer for direct funding, Written instructions are also included on this page in the right column.


Basic Application                                                        Download

SECC Business Term Loan App                                 Download

UFS (Business Credit Card) Application                    Download         
Business Revenue Lending Application                    Download
Accounts Receiveables Application                          Download
Equipment Financing List                                          Download
BCSP Agreement (Client)                                          Download
BCSP Agreement (Affiliate)                                        Download
UCLP Agreement (Client)                                          Download
UCLP Agreement (Affiliate)                                        Download
UCLP Program Overview & Scripts                           Download
Residential Loan Application (1003)                         Download

Business Funding Handouts/ Flyers


Financing for Your Business                                    Download

401K Financing                                                        Download

Accounts Receivable Financing                              Download

Business Credit Starter Program                             Download

Business Revenue Lending                                     Download

Commercial RE Financing                                       Download

Commercial Signage Financing                              Download

Equipment Financing                                               Download

House Reseller Funding                                         Download

Inventory Financing                                                Download

Merchant Credit Financing                                     Download

Private Equity Financing                                         Download

Purchase Order Financing                                      Download

Secured SBA Loans                                                Download

Securities Based LOC                                             Download

Unsecured Business Credit Cards                         Download

Unsecured Business LOC                                      Download

Unsecured Capital Loan Program                         Download

Vehicle Wrap Financing                                         Download


Marketing Videos


401K Financing                                                     Watch Video
Accounts Receivable Financing                           Watch Video

Business Revenue Lending                                  Watch Video

Commercial Signage                                            Watch Video

Merchant Account Financing                               Watch Video

SBA Loans                                                           Watch Video


File Storage


CR Storage

Email Autoresponder Series                                Download               
Initial Sales Script                                                Download
Post Closing Script                                              Download

Accelerated Plus - Client                                     Download
Accelerated - Client                                             Download
Accelerated - Affiliate                                          Download

Accelerated & UCLP (Client)                               Download

Accelerated & UCLP (Affiliate)                            Download
Accelerated Client Flyer (PDF)                            Download

Accelerated Client Flyer (JPG)                            Download

ACRP Aff Online (PTP & Notary)                          Download
ACRP Client Online (PTP & Notary)                     Download

Credit Restoration Pricing (MBCC)                     Download

Credit Restoration Pricing (HFS)                         Download

CE Storage


Primary Trade (Carmel Financial)                      Download

Credit Enhancement Price List                           Download


BCF Storage


Thomas Chu App

Pre-Qual PowerPoint                                          Download

VCLP Application (Fillable PDF)                        Download

VCLP Loan Calculator (Excel )                           Download

UPF 1026CG App (Fillable PDF)                        Download

Funding Strategy Partners  - D.  Page               Download

BCSP App  (Client                                              Download

UCLP Funding R&A (Client)                               Download

UCLP Funding R&A (Affiliate)                            Download
UCLP Funding TFG (Client)                               Download

UCLP Funding TFG (Affiliate)                            Download

Funding Program Cheat Sheet                          Download


FS - Storage

5 Steps to Licensing doc                                   Download

The Banking Effect (E-Book)                              Download
The Simple Banking System (MiniBook)            Download
The Simple Banking System (AudioBook)         Download

What Wealthy Families Know - PAC                  Download
Key Person - Business Owners - PAC               Download
Buy-Sell Agreements - PAC                              Download

Script - 18-Second B2B Script                          Download

Business 10-Point PDF Preso                           Download

Crump Sales Kit                                                Download

WFG Sales Kit                                                   Download

18-Second Script                                              Download

Business Analysis Form                                    Download


EF - Storage


EF - State Fees Doc                                          Download




C. Dasher Bio                                                   Download

M. Mills Bio                                                       Download

D. Ouch Bio                                                      Download

C. Johnson Bio                                                 Download

C. Baustert Bio                                                 Download

O. Adekeye Bio                                                Download

File Stacking Order                                          Download

Fields of Expertise:

Corporate Structure

Credit & Financing

Financial Services

Sales & Marketing

Corporate Branding

Retirement Planning

Focusing on Business Development in the following areas:

Entity Formation

Consumer Credit

Corporate Credit

Business Funding
Branding & Marketing

Copyrights & Trademarks

Wealth Accumulation Strategy