Financial Services

Our team of partners bring value and service beyond expectation. With many different financial strategies, our partners walk each client through a six-step process to help them address financial goals and solutions.  



Our Objective

Our goal is to take an educational approach and deliver our expertise to our business partners. Our firm does not require a certain net worth or a minimum investment to get started. We will provide a free financial plan for business owners who need help or feel they are being overlooked by the traditional financial services industry. 

Whether your goal is saving for retirement, business capitalization, accelerated debt reduction, or passing on a legacy, we work with clients to help them move toward their unique financial goals.

Our Philosophy

The basic premise of our financial strategy is to empower small business owners to pay themselves first.

Far too many businesses fail, leaving individuals with poor credit, limited assets, and little to no savings during the recovery process. For those who manage to achieve success in business, many have created an unhealthy marriage between the business and owner which undermines the focus on retirement savings and investment growth.

Unfortunately, this lack of focus often finds business owners strattled with the ongoing responsibility of running the business beyong the age of retirement, with no viable exit strategy. 

Our primary goal is to protect business owners from their businesses (whether the business fails or succeeds), by creating sound savings strategies that secure the future of both the business and business owner. 

Creating Your Own Banking System

Many successful companies have utilized a well kept secret to leverage their cash assets to fuel growth, while maintaining consistent, tax-free returns on their capital, regardless of market conditions. In other words, when properly structured, this strategy provides a financial vehicle for business owners to create their very own banking system. This powerful and often overlooked concept has been relied on by savvy entrepreneurs and business owners for decades.

Here are a few major companies that have successfully used this secret but powerful financial strategy:

• General Electric
• Anheuser Busch
• Verizon
• Proctor & Gamble
• General Motors
• Office Depot
• Pfizer
• Starbucks
• Amway
• Walt Disney
• Nike
• KB Homes


Once your Internal Banking System has been structured, you can borrow against this financial asset to purchase equipment, hire employees, and expand your buisness without the risk of sacrificing your retirement savings plan.


If you're a small business owner who is constantly torn between saving for retirement and investing back into your businesss, this is a great way to "Have your cake, and eat it too!"

Contact one of our knowledgeable advisors to find out more about this for more details on your specific business needs. 

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