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Thank you for choosing us for your Instagram growth services.  We are in the process of setting up your account and a few things may happen within the next 24 hours while we are activating your Instagram page.    

**IMPORTANT: Please email us any Instagram Login notifications you receive during the activation process at**  


STEP 1 - After signup, you may receive a message that says:  "We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt". Do not be alarmed as this is just one of our account managers accessing your Instagram's interface.


Make sure that you select the "This Was Me" button (SEE IMAGE BELOW) so that your service can start without any interruption.  Please email us that you have done this so that we can continue with the activation process.









STEP 2 - You may also receive a 6-digit code (generated by Instagram) sent via email (or) text message (SEE PICTURE EXAMPLE BELOW)  

Be sure to check all areas of your email for the code (Ex: spam, junk, social, promotions, etc.)  


IMPORTANT:  The 6-digit code will only work within 5 minutes of it being generated.  If we do not receive it right away it will not work. If you do not see it until hours later or the next day, we will generate another code once you are ready to receive and send it to us promptly.  Once you send us this code, we can get your account ACTIVE and start to do the work behind the scenes that will grow your account.


**We will send you a separate email confirming that your account is ACTIVE**



















-- MyBCC Support Team

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