Superbowl Sunday: You May Need A Laugh to Keep From Crying

Unfortunately, I don't have a dog in the Superbowl hunt this year, but I certainly know how to champion a team on game day to keep the competitive juices flowing. This year I've decided to side with the Denver Broncos as a tribute to the older generation of men around the world. Having just entered my forties, I've become partial to older athletes that are still able to get it done in any sport, except maybe golf. ;-) Anyway, for many of you, today's big game will leave you a little empty and a bit cynical, as your team just may not have enough to win it all this afternoon. Either way, this quick video will remind you of one the many reasons over 100 million viewers tune in to watch the Superbowl every year...the commercials. Take a few minutes and enjoy a few of the classic commercials from years past and enjoy the game folks! Old guys rule...Go Broncos!​

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