Vehicle Wrap Financing

Wrap financing is one of many financing options available for your clients through our business funding suite. This type of financing is for business owners who want to "wrap" their vehicle with graphics.

You have more than likely seen a wrapped vehicle before, and you might even be thinking about wrapping one of your vehicles now. Wrapping a vehicle turns it into a mobile billboard. Everywhere you go your car is advertising your business. Many business owners swear by this marketing technique and insist it brings them significant amounts of business. Most business owners don't realize they can obtain financing to wrap their vehicles or even the windows in their business. Wrapping a vehicle sometimes costs upwards of $2,500 or more. But with financing available this makes it much more affordable for business owners. The business credit and funding suite helps your clients secure business credit and funding through a plethora of lending options.

About the Author Kylon J. Trower is 20+ year serial entrepreneur with a background in residential and commercial lending, business credit development and financing. Most recently, he's built a national network of financial professionals dedicated to preserving the lifeblood of our economy, the American small business sector.

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