Is Your Business Fundable?

Fund • a • bil • i • ty - [adj. Fuhnd-uh-bil-i-tee]

You won’t find “Fundability” on, so don’t bother looking. Fundability is a term we’ve coined to describe how a business measures up in relation to the entire business lending and investing community.

Now all joking aside, how "Fundable" is your business? Fundability is not just about your business credit. It includes several components that determine how your overall business is seen by lenders, investors, insurers, suppliers, and more. Basically, we know that your business was worth the risk for you, but is it worth the risk for them?

The answer will increasingly be “yes” as your business fundability grows.

So by improving the fundability of your business, our proprietary system is doing more than just helping you build strong business sredit. We are improving the overall “health” of your business while greatly increasing your ability to succeed now and in the future.

The major components that determine your businesses "Fundability" are:

• Business Bank Account Rating

• Business Assets

• Business Revenue

• The Owners and their credit history

Most businesses have one or all of the components listed above, which means there is available funding for most small businesses. Obviously, the more components a business has, the more financing options become available. Also, the stronger and more estalished a busienss is in each category, the more likely the business will qualify for better rates and terms on the capital secured as well.

So now that you understand the key factors that determine your businesses "Fundability", we'll explore how to decide which funding options are best based on your overall business goals when we meet again...until next time!

About the Author Kylon J. Trower is 20+ year serial entrepreneur with a background in residential and commercial lending, business credit development and financing. Most recently, he's built a national network of financial professionals dedicated to preserving the lifeblood of our economy, the American small business sector.

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